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We take pride in its unwavering commitment to honest and expert services for all your bowling equipment needs. Our knowledgeable team goes the extra mile to provide transparent guidance, ensuring you make informed choices for your gear. Whether it's professional ball drilling, custom fitting, or expert maintenance, you can trust Bowlers Choice to deliver unparalleled expertise, making us your trusted partner in the world of bowling.

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Utilizing bowling grips can provide you with enhanced control and precision, helping you achieve those crucial strikes and spares with confidence.

  • Set of finger grips $12
  • Solid insert $20
  • Pre-cut thumb $15
  • Turbo Switch Grip (inner) $28
  • Turbo Switch Grip (outer) $24
  • Vise IT (ball IT) $24
  • Vise It (ball IT + slug) $28
Bowling Ball Grips

Ball Plug and Re-Drill

Re-drilling your bowling ball can optimize its performance by ensuring a custom fit to your hand, maximizing your control and accuracy on the lanes.

  • Thumb $25
  • Fingers $25
  • 3 Hole Plug $48
  • 4 Hole Plug $52
Bowling Ball Plug

Drilling Fees

This includes all balls Balls NOT purchased at Bowlers Choice.
Drilling is included with balls purchased at Bowlers Choice.

  • Plastic $30
  • Entry Level $30
  • Mid Level $45
  • High Performance $60

* Prices do not include grips

Bowling Ball Drilling Diagram

Other services

We offer a wide range of additional services beyond what's listed. Simply ask us, and we'll see if we can meet your unique bowling equipment needs.

  • Resurface $30

    Takes off most of the nicks and bring it back to life

  • Bake (1 Ball) $25

    Heat sucks the oil buildup out

  • Bake (2 Ball) $40

    Heat sucks the oil buildup out

  • Bake & Resurface Combo $45
  • Clean/Sand/Polish $5

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